RTOS Function signatures

photo properties

02 00 a0 e3 00 10 a0 e1 1f 20 a0 e3 14 30


File IO Functions

  • Look at WT_LOG and .MSG function
  • For directory reading functions, look for "*.*"
  • Calls are generally ordered as wait(), FIO call, wait(), reset()
  • wait() and reset() get access to the SD card, and wait for system operations to pause


  • script WAIT and WAIT_SET code

SQLite init function

  • Look for unusual SQL code formatting, ("FFDB")

Flash reading functions

  • Look for syslog dmain and de


  • System task function seems to be context sensitive
  • Look for "SoftTimerStart" and "SoftTimerStop"


  • Look for most used functions, will modify a byte at an address
  • fuji_apply_eeprom() is in "eeprom setting menu"

Debug messages

  • fuji_screen_write() is found in "EEPRom Setting Mode"
  • fuji_discard_text_buffer() is found near that call